Eastern International Center
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The Eastern International Center, EIC, enables faculty and students, communication as well as technology, exchange between EUST and institutions in China as well as worldwide.
The EUST students and international students, who are interested in immersing themselves in a foreign culture for a semester or an academic year, while earning credit towards their degree, can find the appropriate consultant and mentor in EIC. The personnel of EIC, in accordance with the prearranged and agreed procedures between EIC and international accredited educational institutions, examine and assure the applicant's abilities and progresses the applications.
EIC has the appropriate contacts with international educational institutions from where dynamic international students can apply and, after approval, will attend classes in EUST.

Faculty and Scholar Exchanges
EIC has developed procedures to encourage and promote free and productive professor and scholar exchange with institutions around the world. This can be attained either within the regular period of their assignment or while on their sabbatical.
In addition, through cooperation and communication with Chinese educational regulatory committees, EUST will exchange experiences and contribute to the improvement of university operations in Shandong, and China, in general.

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