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Founding of EUST
The primary founders of EUST are Dr. Yulin Shao and Dr. Efstratios Soubassakis. Dr. Giuseppe Angelo Busca and other educators, scholars, entrepreneurs, political leaders also participated in the foundation of EUST.

The concept of founding a new type of university focusing on the future of students and the needs of society, and being responsive to the trend of technological innovation in the world was emerged and formulated by the founders of EUST at the beginning of the year 2000. The initial plan for the establishment of EUST was completed and proposed to several municipal governments in China in the fall of 2001.

Dr. Yulin Shao of Bio Development International, Inc., USA and Dr. Efstratios Soubassakis of Stratos LLC, Greece executed a memorandum of understanding with the government of Linyi Municipality in regard to the foundation of EUST in Linyi in November 2001. As an interim step, an Eastern International Center for Professional Training and Technology Exchange was established in December 2001.

In March 2002, an agreement to purchase about 2,330,000 square meters of land located in the northern part of Linyi City was signed by the founders and the local government. The first parcel of land of 640,000 square meters is transferred to the preparation office of EUST when the application of EUST was approved.

The design and construction of the campuses of EUST will proceed in 2003. The first school building will be constructed in the middle of 2003. The building will become the home of the Eastern International Center, and accommodate the first group of 1,000 students to be enrolled in the academic year 2003-2004.

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