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The International Laboratories of EUST is an independent entity for high tech and advanced research, operating under the scheme of EUST, and is organized to match the available human, equipment and financial resources of EUST with existing advanced technological opportunities created by EUST's researchers and its cooperated international scientists. The International Laboratories will identify new high technology products, and fund, develop, and further market them.
The establishment of the International Laboratories with high quality managerial and technical teams will promote the development of new technologies in the Shandong area, and beyond. The industrialist and technologist, who participated in EUST's programs and have the plethora of new business ideas, are seeking various supports and opportunities to extend their ideas into profitable new ventures in China.
The International Laboratories of EUST, in cooperation with scholars, professors, companies dynamically involved with EUST and the surrounding areas, has the capability to make advances in research, start new industries, and create international patents while spreading the image and influence of EUST and attracting more business for Linyi, as well as Shandong area.

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