Supercomputer Center
Research Program




The Supercomputer Center of EUST (EUSTSC) with a staff composed of scientists, software developers, research support personnel and the state of art of facilities can serve researchers from domestic and international institutions and industrial partners, probing it as the international leader in high-end computing, data management, and other areas, and the leading-edge site for Shandong Province, China.
EUSTSC will operate the most powerful high-end computing resources that the partnership makes available to the national scientific community. EUSTSC will lead the efforts to deploy the most capable computational environments and make those environments accessible and usable by local and regional communities. EUSTSC will provide computational and data-management expertise for integrating information from different disciplines and across spatial and temporal scales. EUSTSC will enable individuals, academic institutions, government and non-government organizations, industrial, commercial and financial entities to excel, through use of the capacities of EUSTSC computation and communication.
EUSTSC will also play a vital role in advancing the nation's Internet infrastructure. EUSTSC will be a connection point for most of China's high-performance research networks and will connect international research and education networks to their Chinese counterparts.
  Eastern University of Science and Technology
Linyi Municipality, Shandong, China
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